Digital marketing consultant

Phoenix-based content marketing strategist for businesses of all sizes. Start generating leads with remarkable content that resonates.

My approach

Content + Context

Digital doesn't have to be daunting. My goal is to help you identify and reach your ideal customers — on the right channels and with the right message. There are four steps to this inbound approach:

Intake & audits

What are your business objectives? Who are your customers? What's working well now and what needs improving? We'll dive deep to understand your goals and audit your marketing assets, from website to automation systems and everything in between.

Personas + journey mapping

Gone are the days of interruptive ads and one-size-fits all messaging —Customers demand content on their own terms. We'll develop buyer personas and map out every touchpoint across the decision-making journey, from search engine to shopping cart.

Content planning and KPIs

From Snapchat to Spotify, the way we consume content has atomized. Micro-moments across a multitude of screens make planning all the more critical. We'll brainstorm and prepare content that resonates while putting processes and KPIs in place to ensure your continued success.

Measurement & optimization

Data is king — what good is content without knowing its effectiveness? No piece of content will be published without a clear goal and associated success metric. We'll actively monitor the data to experiment and optimize. At long last, your marketing reports will be actionable roadmaps.

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